Introduction to Service Request Management System (SRMS)

As different departments are responsible for different area in an enterprise. Each department is clearly defined the functions (services) that the department is going to provide to the others in the enterprise. Whenever in the past or nowadays, we want less manpower and more productivity or the same manpower to make an enterprise more efficiency. Simplified administrative procedure is one of the important factors to increase the efficiency of a company. Unfortunately, everything will have their pros and cons, a simplified procedure may have some leaks that may lead to an uncountable lost to the enterprise (e.g. data, money, image, etc.). In this way, we target to increase the efficiency and competency by the optimization of administrative procedures and promoting electronic office.

SRMS is another generation of JDTS (Job Dispatch and Tracking System), it provides work groups functions with a flexible easy managing tool that gives department head, departmental service administrator, team leaders, administrative staff and student access to all relevant current and historic information associated to their service requests. Because SRMS supports direct collaboration within departments, communication efficiency is significantly improved. On the other hand, it links with other internal system and provides an integrated platform to all administrative staff to view their personal information in a glance. (Back to Main Menu)

System Requirement

Windows 98 /2000/XP or Mac OS
Netscape 7.1 or later / Internet Explorer 5.5 or later / Mozilla 1.6 or later
Netscape Mail Client or Outlook Express.
Acrobat Reader 5.0 (for general user) or Acrobat 6.0 (for workflow user).

Key functions of SRMS

How to submit a service request? (中文版)

User can easily submit a service request in three steps.

Step 1 - Choose Service. As SRMS provides a lot of services and it is hard to find one within 100 services. Therefore, we classify services into different "Type" and "Area". User can easily locate their (c) service by specifying service's (a) Type and (b) Area.
Step 2 - Service Description. Describe any extra information which is required to complete the service.(e.g. Service Location)
Step 3 - User Verification. Input your email ID, password and press "SUBMIT" button, service administrator will contact you by mail/phone as soon as possible. (Back to Main Menu)

(An optional function of Carbon Copy can be used to send service request detail to a one ore more email addresses, the email addresses will also receive notification on any changes of status of the service request)

Login to Service Request Management System (中文版)

All MPU staff have right to access Service Request Management System. Simply click "LOGIN" link on the left and input your email-ID and password, then press "Enter" or "LOGIN" BUTTON to get into the main page of SRMS. (Back to Main Menu)



第一步(Step 1) 選擇所需服務 - 由於 SRMS 提供多種不同支援服務, 系統有需要提供一快捷方法讓用戶指出支援要求. 因此, 系統把所有支援服務按它們的種類及範圍分類. 用戶可以 (a) -> (b) -> (c) 等順序選出有關服務.
第二步(Step 2) 支援內容 - 請在此項輸入所有可以幫助完成有關服務之額外資料 (例如:服務地點)
第三步(Step 3) 用戶身份確認 -最後, 請輸入用戶之電郵名稱, 密碼, 再按"傳送"提交申請及確認閣下之身份, 服務管理員會盡快以電話或電郵方式作出回應. (回主菜單)

(可選擇性的抄送功能可幫助用戶把服務申請的內容抄送到指定的一個或多個電郵地址, 如果該服務申請的狀態有任何轉變,所指定的抄送電郵同樣會收到通知.)


所有澳門理工大學之工作人員都有權進入綜合服務管理系統. 閣下只需按"登入"連結後輸入電郵名稱及密碼, 最後按 "Enter" 或 "登入" 按鈕便可進入綜合支援服務台主菜單. (回主菜單)